EMS Muscle Training

Whether you are a professional athlete or you are simply recovering from an injury with limited mobility, EMS Muscle Training can help you build muscle, get toned and gain strength in a shorter timeframe compared to conventional weight training, without the risk of injury due to lifting free weights or dumbles.

Electric Muscle Stimulation leverages the latest science and technology of sending micro-pulses to every muscle in your body simultaneously. This results in the activation of major muscle groups in your body, even the ones you might have difficulty developing or activating in your typical workout routine. Each 20-minute training session of EMS is equivalent to 2 hours of intense workout in the gym. By doing it only twice per week, you will achieve incredible results which might take you months and months through conventional training.

In Studio Training

You can have your in-studio muscle training with your partner or a friend if you wish to do it at the same time. It’s a lot of fun to do a parallel EMS Training session with a friend!

Mobile Training

We also provide mobile and in-home training. We’ll send one of our certified EMS instructors and all the gears you need to do your workout at your home. Just let us know when and where.


200 – 8220 Bayview Ave.
Thornhill, ON
L3T 2S2
(877) 440-4646 (GoGo)

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Open Hours

Monday - Friday: 7am – 10pm

Saturday - Sunday: 8am – 8pm